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Love is the only language cancers truly understand (asides success) but somehow it always turns out to be the death of cancers. The world makes it seem as though cancers are the hardest to love but cancers are the easiest people to love.
I wrote these books to help cancers, as well as the world, build healthier and happier relationships from a place of better understanding thanks to a lot of research and personal experience.

Cancer ZodiAc Diary

The saying that only cancers truly understand cancer is arguably very accurate because, as you fill in the pages of this E diary, you see yourself and others for who they are, as though the heavy veils of emotions that cancers created to shield themselves from the realities you have been running from are ripped into unrecognizable pieces.

Cancer Love Book

This is not just any book, it’s a memoir of all the lessons I have learnt the hard way while finding myself and yes, I am a cancer sun and cancer moon. After decades  feeling weird and alone, I decided that it’s unfair to watch other cancers suffer when I can help them fast track their way to healing, happiness, abundance and self-awareness.

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