A 100-page interactive guide designed to help cancers navigate their minds and discipline their emotions to manifest their power of healing by answering the right questions that would probe your spirit to evolve.


This E-diary is what inspired and birthed “evolved cancers”. As you fill each page of the diary, you uncover ugly, beautiful, and harsh truths about your life and the amazing part is you get to document your growth.

The saying that only cancers truly understand cancer is arguably very accurate because, as you fill in the pages of this E diary, you see yourself and others for who they are, as though the heavy veils of emotions that cancers created to shield themselves from the realities you have been running from are ripped into unrecognizable pieces.

What you get
from the book

It is the tested and proven medium for cancers to control and reduce overthinking in their lives by teaching cancers to be emotionally accountable and responsible. It helps cancers see themselves as who they truly are and see others as who they are.

Guides cancers to identifying the triggers for most of their traumas and helps them to walk in the full power of their gifts of healing/ It also guides cancers to own their demons (the darkness) they keep running from and get rid of the victimization mindset.

Cancer Zodiac Diary helps cancers identify their toxic patterns and the role they played in attracting and manifesting toxic. It's a guide to help create a mental map to train their thoughts to overcome their past traumas and low self-esteem, boost their self-esteem and make choices about their lives that show they love themselves

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