Understanding a cancer's emotions?

This is probably one of the easiest things on the surface of the earth but because cancers are so sophisticated, they are highly misunderstood and boxed by the world. Cancers also struggle with understanding and accepting the depth of their emotions because without discipline, the emotions could suffocate you and leave you feeling hopeless and helpless.


The astroworld reigns so much hate on cancers by calling them the most toxic sign…WHICH IS CLEARLY A LIE but what they fail or refuse to understand is, cancers really struggle with the fact that they are built differently, in a world full of hate cancers only know how to love so as a defense mechanism, they mirror people’s actions and this is exactly why cancers need to EVOLVE and stay that way…

If I just described you, then this book is for you!


The Cancer
Love Book

Everything you need to know about navigating the emotions of a cancer

The one thing cancers crave so much but also fear is true love. Most cancers are often confused and crippled by fears and traumas of past relationships and some cancers carry the guilt and pain of their past failed relationships because they feel they were so selfless and perfect and wonder if they were stupid to believe in love.

Well, the answer is NO!

This is not just any book, it’s a memoir of all the lessons I have learnt the hard way while finding myself and yes, I am a cancer sun and cancer moon. After decades on this earth, growing up feeling weird and alone, I decided that because it’s unfair to watch other cancers suffer when I can help them fast track their way to healing, happiness, abundance and self-awareness.

If I just described you, then this book is for you!

This book is a must-have for every Cancer

This is exactly what you’ll be getting

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